About Tech Ranker

About Tech Ranker

Tech Ranker is a tech blog dedicated to helping people find the best gadgets, apps, and tech tips. Our mission is to present fun and edgy content that entertains, educates, and informs our followers about the latest tech gear.

About the Tech Ranker Team

Quentin Moore – Founder, Web Developer, Writer

I am the founder and creator of TechRanker.tv. I have created dozens of websites over the past 20 years. I will leverage everything I’ve learned over the years to make this website a top resource for technology.

My day job is business¬†intelligence development (ETL). I have a bachelor’s degree in Math and Computer Science.

Vera Storm – Writer, Editor, Social Media Manager

Vera is responsible for managing our editorial calendar, writing articles, and creating and acquiring images. She edits the articles of the other writers. Vera also manages our social media profiles and posts.

Vera has an MBA with a focus in MIS. She has 20 years of experience in management consulting. Of note, Vera Storm is a pen name. I think she’s waiting for the site to be a success before she puts her name on it. ūüėČ

Tai Booker – Writer, Technical Editor, Site Manager

Tai is responsible for writing our technical SEO articles. He also edits our articles to ensure content is optimized for search. Additionally, Tai monitors the site and maintains software and security updates.

Tai is currently pursuing a degree in Information Systems.

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